Sometimes our journey is full of abundance, and sometimes lack. Does it mean we are on the wrong track? No, not necessarily!

If we look in the natural at a journey from Florida to California on I-10, the lands we travel through are not all full of abundance. Depending on the location, there can be a bounty of rain, forests, vegetation and abundance, but when ones enters West Texas through Arizona, you could begin to wonder what happened. Plus, it matters what season it is as to the level of difficulty and your means of transportation.

Many folks are at different places in their lives. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily off-track, it could mean you are there to bless them and help them through that particular segment. I would think we’d want someone to be there for us when we reach those areas of our journey. SOWING and REAPING! RUNNING the RACE! FIGHTING the GOOD FIGHT!

ONE BODY, ONE FACE. What image can others see from our life, Jesus or someone/something else? This new song I wrote below, is a recording of me singing it with my guitar after just creating the melody. I’ll get it into the studio at some point and share it again. I felt the need to get the message out so I hope you enjoy it.

One Body One Face by Joseph James

Three years ago yesterday, Dylann Roof killed 9 African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. In the heights of one of the more tense times of division in our country in recent years, the folks of that church, the community, and those visiting came together four days later on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, 2.5 miles long. They had asked for 3300 folks to join them in order to span the bridge holding hands, what they got was over 15,000 (x 5 = grace) of us from around the world, visitors, all walks of society. As we were waiting, we talked to one another, hugged in tears, we sang songs together and prayed for each other, for the community and our nation. News helicopters swirled above and reporters were everywhere.

At that time, the media was very anti-Christian, and one can argue that hasn’t changed, but anyone speaking about the goodness of the Lord was cut off the camera before. A few days later, the major media news companies broadcast the whole service of that church around the world and those listening heard a gospel of love and saw a community stand together as one in that love. What men said was impossible, the Lord did. I’ll never forget those two weeks we were there and today we are again in South Carolina.

Some folks were hurting because of personal loss, the tragedy in the community while others were traveling through for various reasons. Yet, we all stopped what we were doing to join together, to pray and be there for one another. It was an image that went around the world. LOVE  triumphed over Fear and Hate! (The image above is one I took of the bridge at sunset.) Let’s be the bridge of Love.


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