The God Of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, & Janiece – Foreword To SDDL

The following is the Foreword from Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis, minister of Open Wells Ministries, for Janiece Turner-Hartmann’s story, Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life, written by Joseph James. Please help us get this story to go viral as it will help many folks who are dealing with many of the issues Janiece lived through. Suicide is such a huge problem in our society, and we want to share the gift of life and encouragement so that folks will choose to go for their dreams no matter how hard it seems. We can all make it if we just don’t give up.


There is a saying in Yorkshire England, ‘It is better felt than telt,’ which means if you can experience something, it has a greater value than talking about it. This book is such an experience! The Janiece Turner–Hartmann story is about a true God given miracle! Written by her husband, Joseph, after years of walking with the miracle and living with the miracle, he decided to document it for all; so that others could believe that God is a miracle worker in the every day people, as He always has been and always will be.

I first met Janiece nearly 20 years ago, when she first came into our fellowship, one mid–week meeting. I have been privileged, with my wife, to watch the ongoing miracle ever since. She is modern proof of the ability of the Lord to heal, deliver and work His grace deep within a person’s life. She is still the loudest person during a message, having never lost her joy and wonder at the amazing grace of her God. Her journey still continues, her hope still burns bright and her testimony continues to thrill.

This book, written in depth and with consistent detail, will at the least inspire you. It will bless you and will open your heart to all the possibilities of a life touched by a living God.

Who knows what miracles are awaiting all whose hearts are open to the potential of the God of Janiece. He is your God too!

Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis – Open Wells Ministries

Sentenced To Death Destined For Life | The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story by Joseph James

A great gift for Christmas and the tough Winter/Spring for many who struggle with depression. Give a gift of encouragement and life. Coming soon to film!

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