Some training and encouragement this morning. HEALING | DELIVERANCE | WARRIOR STATUS. We talk to a lot of folks we see in our travels who want to know more about us and how we walk with the Lord. It is evident, they don’t have access to the teaching and training we’ve had and share, so I’m starting to use these videos to do that. Because of our current living situation here in Colorado Springs, I don’t have a set time and day to do these. The hotel is letting me use another room to film these. So grateful.

If you’d like to get the notifications when I’m LIVE, please like this FB page. If you like what you hear, please pass it on to others. Where are we in our walk with the King? Are we the warriors He’s called us to be, or do we simply follow others? Choices!


Finding God ~ Finding Yourself! – Tour 2017 Debut


Joseph James in Concert - Katy-West Houston, Texas

January 25, 2007 – 6-9pm – Homewood Suites Katy Mills Mall, Katy, Texas, USA

We have begun our outreach to bring encouragement and hope to the communities of our nation and beyond, as we plan to travel the US, Canada and Europe this year. So many have lost hope and are contemplating ending it all.

Just one more day… and perhaps the storm will break and hope will shine again. Storms are temporary, but death is permanent! Help save a life!” Joseph James

Joseph will be sharing his songs and his and his wife’s testimony in between the songs. Janiece’s biography is available on Kindle and Amazon and her Sentenced To Death, Destined For Life website has over seven hours of her video testimony. In some venues, they will include other performers in dance, comedy and drama as well. Some of Joseph’s music is on his Youtube channel and he is in the process of recording some new songs and creating some new music videos. Coming Soon! If you’d like to help and/or book a concert, please use our contact form on this website. Please pass this on.


Joseph, Janiece and Daniel travel as the Lord opens the doors. Most concerts are free with a love offering. They have their sound equipment with them for up to medium size venues. Let’s join together for our communities and change the world around us.