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IN MEMORY OF… Life Support Messages

The following LIFE SUPPORT Messages were shared on this site to let you know that you are loved by someone. These folks know the pain of being left behind by someone who lost their life too soon, either by their own hand, an accidental drug overdose, or something else. They have named their loved one, left their name and a short LIFE SUPPORT Message to let others know about the life they knew. It is their hope that you will read their message and understand that all is not lost. There is hope! There is love! This temporary storm will pass and the sun will shine again. It’s time to find your dream again. The Lord will bring others to you to help, but you have to stay around long enough for Him to do that. Reach out to Him and He won’t let you down. DARE TO DREAM AGAIN!

The folks who have shared a LIFE SUPPORT MESSAGE below want to encourage folks to find and go for their dreams. We want to cancel suicide in our generation by joining with others in the entertainment industry as well, to put on shows and create films and productions that bring hope. Also, we want to be able to pray for folks who need help, and to help them connect with mentors in their community where help is available. No one should have to walk alone and go through depression down the path to suicide.

We thank each LIFE SUPPORT Sponsor as they have shared a short message about someone they lost too soon, in hopes that those reading might reconsider before ending their life. Just one more day, until the storm passes and the sun shines again!

Share Your Memory at no cost and help SAVE A LIFE. If you are able, please help the tour by Donating A Monthly Amount in our Patreon Project to help us reach out and SAVE A LIFE! Everyone matters and has the right to pursue and fulfill their dreams!
Benjamin Kallander

Amanda Kallander

Dear Ben. You were a bright light that impacted everyone. You were loved fiercely and prayed for. You were thought of every day and missed as you served in the US Army. You took our hearts with you.