God’s Restoration

Sometimes we get separated from people we’re close to, and sometimes lose touch and wonder where they went, but when it comes to a family member, it can be traumatic. I lost touch with my daughter when she was two weeks old. It was the one and only time I’d see her until… God’s Restoration! That restoration birthed a song in me that helped me navigate the journey when the connection was restored. 27 YEARS AGO.

I hesitated making this song public, but then I remembered how our testimonies can encourage others and give them hope. My daughter, Lauren Kate, is working on the guitar instrumental track for this song and we’ll add it at a later date. You see, she is a songwriter/singer as well. In fact, we are very similar in a lot of things even though she has never known me other than that brief moment when I held her and prayed for her.

This is our song. It’s a song of hope and restoration. We are still on this journey discovering who we are to each other. I didn’t realize how huge of a gaping hole was in my heart until the Lord began to heal it. It was breathtaking sometimes as I struggled with so many things from that past. Forgiveness can bring the healing and it’s certainly what is happening.

27 YEARS AGO (Lyrics) © 08.20.18 All rights reserved. Joseph James & VaryMedia

Taken from me a long time ago
Couldn’t see then but I know what I know. It’s a long road
Lying on your back and smiling at me. Newborn baby so innocently
Then you were gone you were gone

If I just knew then what I do know now
Maybe I would have done something different somehow
Hindsight is always 20/20
People judging what they don’t understand
Time goes by without a reply. 27 years ago

Praying for you all through the years
Saying happy birthday just hoping you’d hear. It’s a long road
Longing for the day to see how you’ve been. To see your smile once again
And then I did. See your smile

Now you’re grown, we’re starting again
Filling in some pieces let the healing begin. It’s a long road
Praying for you just wanting the best. Hoping to share some happiness.
To dream again and watch you fly

We hope this song and story can somehow help others going through difficult times of separation. The Lord sees, He knows and He can do the miraculous. Blessings in your journey!

Joseph James

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