To all who are shopping for those special gifts for Christmas where a book might do well. I have written 8 books that you might be interested in checking out. Chapter 1 of each book is on my tour website and the books are available in print and Kindle. Not only will you be helping those you love but will be helping us with the new tour and outreach. Double win! DARE TO DREAM!

SENTENCED TO DEATH, DESTINED FOR LIFE | Tell My People I Love Them! | The Janiece Turner-Hartmann Story | Joseph James | (Biography) (Janiece’s story of so many miracles is sure to encourage a lot of folks to keep going through the storms and looking for the miracles of a loving God. ISBN #978-0-9842422-4-5 19.95 (Website

DREAMERS INK | Joseph James | Self-Help & Study Guide | For individuals and groups to find their God-given dream, destiny, and purpose, to discover their gifts and talents and how to match them to their passion. This is the book behind the USA DREAMERS INK TASK FORCE. Become a leader in your sphere of influence and help others to find and pursue their dreams. Dreams can counter depression, hopelessness and suicide. We are taking this message on the tour next year. ISBN #978-0-9982212-8-1 13.99 (Website

ISLANDS IN THE SEA (5 Book Fiction Saga) | A fictional journey into how the supernatural operates behind the scenes in the real world. Discover the adventure, the romance, the dangers, the supernatural interactions, the mystery in the caves with odd symbols on a challenging discovery to save the city before it’s destroyed. One kingdom is falling while another is rising. It just might change your understanding of His Kingdom. Based in the USA, UK, and Australia.

Book 1 – THE KING WALKS IN! ISBN #978-0-9982212-0-5 13.99 (Website
Book 2 – THE LION ROARS! ISBN #978-0-9982212-2-9 13.99 (Website
Book 3 – ILLEGITIMATE? ISBN #978-0-9982212-4-3 13.99 (Website
Book 4 – CITY ON A HILL! ISBN #978-0-9982212-6-7 13.99 (Website
Book 5 – THE LIBRARY! (Will be published early 2020) (Read the others to be ready for the new release.) (

DESTINY PATH OF LIFE | The Journey Begins | Joseph James | Illustrated by Krystal Stahl | (Allegory) | What are the paths in life? Does it really matter which one we choose? What are the dangers? How do we know which one to take? ISBN #978-0-9842422-0-7 11.99 (Website

These books are available on Amazon, our tour site, Kindle, and SDDL is available on Nook. Search the ISBN #s or click on the links. Thank you for your helping us get the word out there. Perhaps they can go viral and encourage a lot of folks.

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