Joseph James’ New Trilogy – Islands In The Sea – Now Available!

Joseph James’ New Trilogy – ISLANDS IN THE SEA

Just in time to order for Christmas!

The Trilogy, as listed below is now available in print and on Kindle! Get your copies today and order as Christmas gifts. Share the adventure and suspense with others.

It is a romantic, prophetic, mystery, thriller type novel that interacts with the supernatural. To see more details about each book and read a sample chapter of each book, go to Joseph’s Destiny Path Of Life website.

The King Walks In! – Book 1 – Buy On Amazon/Kindle Now! (ISBN in Print: 978-0-9982212-0-5 For Kindle: 978-0-9982212-1-2)

The Lion Roars! – Book 2 – Buy On Amazon/Kindle Now! (ISBN in Print: 978-0-9982212-2-9 For Kindle: 978-0-9982212-3-6)

Illegitimate? – Book 3 – Buy On Amazon/Kindle Now! (ISBN in Print: 978-0-9982212-4-3 For Kindle: 978-0-9982212-5-0)

Click on Image to see the Trilogy on Kindle.

Islands In The Sea - Trilogy by Joseph James