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Here is the poem I read from in my LIVE video TEND TO YOUR GARDEN  this morning from here in Colorado Springs, MAN OF CLAY. I’ve created an art print of it for those of you who want purchase it for yourself or a gift for encouragement or to encourage. The sunset is from a recent photo I took with Pikes Peak in the center. The prints are available now in three sizes. You can also buy a frame, change the paper weight and gloss, plus customize it. We were born with a clean slate with a dream Father wrote for us in a book in heaven, Psalm 139. Many have had their influence in our lives, some for good and some not so much. Father desires to remold and reshape us so that we can attain to the wonderful purpose He created us for. Well, following are the words to the poem and links. The print is available on my Zazzle store for now. The proceeds will help us with our transition to find a place in CO and also in the outreaches/tour. Blessings and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Man Of Clay Art Print & Poem by Joseph James

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MAN OF CLAY Poem by Joseph James

Looked in the mirror, this morning to see,
Not sure who was there, could it be me;
Some kind of clay, a shadowy skin,
Rose up inside and then hid again.

As I pondered, being somewhat perplexed,
I heard a voice and wondered what was next;
“My son,” He said, “this is not you,
But merely man’s covering, it just won’t do.”

“In your mother’s womb, I formed you with my hand,
From wonderful thoughts that outnumber the sand;
I gave charge to others, to help guide you through,
To help you discover, the treasures I hid in you.”

“But many were jealous, they wanted yours too,
They molded your clay and they formed you anew;
They wanted My glory, they wanted your dream,
To lift themselves up, to build their self-esteem.”

“You haven’t yet become, all that you will be,
My rain will come upon you and soon you will see;
Soft’ning this hardened clay, with My love so true,
Renewing it again, and making it brand new.”

“You know you are My child and if you will agree,
I’ll take your pain, heal your heart, and set you free;
I’ll take you higher, above the storm you’re in,
I’ll show you all the treasures, I’ve hidden deep within.”

“This journey, it is long, yet you have all you need,
I’ve given you the vision, it’s in the form of a seed;
Just take My hand and walk real close to Me,
I’ll show you hidden wonders, things you will need to see.”

“Together we’ll bless others, before this journey ends,
Even those who’ve hurt you, including all your friends;
It wasn’t for hurt, you were placed in their sphere,
But to extend mercy and love, to conquer all the fear.”

“Love without forgiveness, is no love at all,
Just as mercy without grace, can never stand up tall;
So, walk in your freedom, in boldness and grace,
Share your life with others, help them find their place.”

Looked in the mirror, this morning to see,
Not sure who was there, could it be me;
Gazing in my eyes, seeing His Light inside,
Knowing from this moment, I’ll never have to hide.

In an instant and yet through the years,
His love gently changing, driving out my fears.
Gone are the scars, and healing has replaced,
Now, I feel a freedom, to soar and to race.

All of those things, I thought were my own,
Even some friends, now left me alone;
I found that their armor and their way of life,
At best only bound, producing too much strife.

Looking again in this mirror on the wall,
Thinking how many friends might come and call;
Seeing this hidden treasure, deep down in my soul,
Might they take a chance, to let Him make them whole.

Oh, how my soul longs, and how much I pray,
That each precious soul will go all the way;
To discover the treasures, hidden deep inside,
And let Him reshape, heal, love, and provide.

My Father’s the Master, I am the clay,
Lord, mold me and shape me, do as You may;
To be a vessel of honor, one carrying Your Name,
To all who are lost and filled with shame.

Let Your glory so shine, may Your Kingdom, now come,
Expose all the lies, let them crumble and succumb;
Your ways are simple, Your wisdom above all,
Your way is freedom, we’ve answered Your call!

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved. Joseph James

Blessings and favor in your journey,
Joseph James