Time To Write New Book – Islands In The Sea – Book 4

Now, that we have a place to camp for the next six to eight weeks, I can sit down and write a new book, book 4 of my series, Islands In The Sea. I am working on a new song as well, and hopefully, I can write one or two more. These are going to be more generic/double meaning songs than what I’ve been writing. Occasionally, I need these types of songs in order to get into venues that might not like my other genre.

Sunset Mirror - Joseph Jamesa - New Book for Islands In The Sea

(This image was taken as we traveled I-90 through South Dakota)

Tour & Advertising – I am also finalizing the graphic designs for the “Follow Your Dreams Tour” decals for the trailer. If you know of someone who would like to advertise on our trailer to help in the costs of the tour, please let us know. We have a potential city-wide concert in Shawnee, OK and two other concerts waiting on scheduling in Omaha, NE. Currently, we are in Fort Myers, Florida, so if you have a venue here in the area or elsewhere, please let us know.

Book Info – To keep up with the latest on my new book, check back with this website. Also, see my other books and the trilogy I am adding to, Islands In The Sea, at http://www.destinypathoflife.com

Venues – Our goal is to encourage others, so we’ll go where we are able, generally, just receiving donations, depending on the venue and distance. If you have or know of a place, let us know and we can see what we can do. Let’s bring encouragement to our communities and help, “Save A Life!” Storms pass and circumstances change. Suicide, on the other hand, stops everything, especially the dream! And it hurts to many others in the process. Live! Blessings and be encouraged…

Joseph James